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Anal Fissures
Anal Fissure is a Colorectal Diseases

Pilonidal Diseases
Pilonidal Diseases ( Pilonidal Dimple )

Hemorrhoid Disease

Crohn's Disease
colon Rectum Anatomy Image2 (Dr. Rasoul Azizi , MD) Colorectal Surgery
Colorectal Hemorrhoid Diseases ( Dr. Rasoul Azizi , MD ) Colorectal Surgery Iran
Doctor Rasoul Azizi , MD ( Colorectal Surgeon Iran )
Colon Rectal Diseases Surgeon
Crohn Diseases ( surgical treatment )
Colon Anatomy Image ( Raoul Azizi , MD ) Colorectal Surgery
Colon Anatomy Image ( Raoul Azizi , MD ) Colorectal Surgery
Complication of the Colorectal Disease ( treatment and surgery )
Pilonidal Dimple ( Pilonidal Diseases )

Diverticulosis Disease
diverticulosis diseases
diverticulosis diseases colorectal
diverticulosis diseases
diverticulosis diseases
diverticulosis diseases

Megacolon Disease
MegaColon Disease
MegaColon Disease

Incontinence Disease
incontinence diseases ( colorectal drug treatment and surgical )
incontinence disease
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I would like announce to all my patients
To participation and paper presentation in coloproctology congress in Vienna- Austria, I'll not available in my office between 24 September until 06 October. Please contact with secretary for making appointment.
Thank you, Rasoul Azizi M.D Coloproctologist.